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Why Consign with Hidden Treasures?

At Hidden Treasures, we take the stress and hassle out of selling your furniture. Our large showroom, located in the heart of Pearland, is an excellent location to get your items noticed! Our friendly associates assist potential buyers of your furniture from start to finish. To see if your item has sold, simply check the checks page on the 5th of each month!

Contacting Us



Consignment Policy

Consignments is:

Hidden Treasures will act as a selling agent for you. Items left for consignment will be priced and placed in the store for sale. Once items are sold the selling price is then split 50/50 with the consignor and Hidden Treasures. A contract is established to ensure that we both (the consignor and Hidden Treasures) understand what is expected from each other.

Benefits of Consignment:

Our method of consignment is hassle free and maximizes your earnings potential when compared to garage sales and classified ads. We display your items in a high traffic setting, which greatly increases exposure to prospective buyers.

Length of Consignment:

Our contract is for 3 months. You can leave your items an additional 3 months. After the 6 month period all home decor and all furniture will be marked 50% off. It is your responsibility to know when your 6 months are up. It is the responsibility of the consignor to pull any items less than $25.00.

Getting Paid:

The checks will be ready on the 5th of the month. They will not be ready before the 5th. WE DO NOT MAIL CHECKS, WE DO NOT CALL YOU. Please do not call or come by for checks prior to the 5th. Checks will not be printed unless you have a balance of $10.00 or more. Checks left beyond 90 days will become void. There will be a $20.00 fee for any check that needs to be reprinted. When the consignor wishes to no longer consign with Hidden Treasures, they can come by and pick up any unsold items and receive any balance less than $10.00 in cash. Please note that your account will be closed at that time.

On the 5" of every month, an alphabetical list of consignors with new checks is posted on our website on the “
View Checks Here" page. PLEASE NOTE: If you have a check that was issued any other month other than the previous month, your name will NOT be on the list.


Several things are considered when pricing items: conditions, style, color and demand. We also welcome consignor’s input.


We accept home decor items Monday-Friday from 10:00 am - 6:00 pm and furniture by appointment only.

ALL HOME DECOR ITEMS MUST BE BAGGED OR BOXED. EACH BAG OR BOX (not each item) MUST BE LABELED WITH YOUR NAME & PHONE NUMBER. Larger home decor items such as lamps or artwork must also have a label. All items must be clean and in working order. If an item requires repair or cleaning, the consignor will only receive 30% of the selling price.

Baby / Toddler Furniture / Items:

ALL Baby / Toddler Furniture and Items MUST be approved prior to making an appointment for bringing in or having Hidden Treasures pick up from your home. You MUST provide manufacturer and model number of all cribs, high-chairs, pack-n-plays, etc... We MUST check the governmental recall list prior to acceptance.

Items We Accept:

We accept decorative items, furniture, glassware, collectibles and kitchen items. Visiting our store is a good way to evaluate what we accept. All decorative items and furniture must be clean and in good condition.

Methods of Payment:

We accept checks with a valid driver's license. We also accept all major credit cards. Debit and credit cards are accepted on $10.00 or more purchases only. There is a $25.00 charge on all returned checks.


We offer 45 day layaway with 1/3 down for our small decorative items. Daily specials or additional discounts do not apply to layaways. Deposits are always nonrefundable. There is a $10.00 per week charge for items left longer than 45 days. As a consignor, if a customer puts one of your items on layaway you will not be paid until the layaway is completely paid off.

90 Days Same as Cash:

This allows the customer to pay out their purchase over a 90 day period interest free. Daily specials & coupons do not apply, but unlike layaway, you will be able to take your purchase.


All sales are final and merchandise is sold "As Is”.

Pick Up and Delivery:

We offer this service for persons who are unable to get their items home or to the shop. The charge is based upon location, stairs, weight and number of loads.

Insurance on Consignments:

As any business, we are insured to some extent. Hidden Treasures does not assume any responsibility for items damaged due to fire, theft, flood, or any other causes.

Thank you and we appreciate you and your business!